Project Compatibility Phase

  • Initial Meeting & Site Visit
  • Discuss lender options & budget
  • Scope of work discovery and your “Wishlist” vs. “must-haves”
  • Design Services Agreement (if you like us and our process)

Not every builder is the right builder for you and not every project is the right project for us. Building a home is a life-time relationship.

Contract & Design

  • Rough Draft of Plan & Specifications
  • Estimated Budget & Timeline of Completion
  • Interiors– Interior Elevation and Mechanicals
  • Design Appointments (typically 4-5 meetings 2-3 hrs long)
  • Client Review and Note any Changes
  • Review home in 3D and VR walk-through if desired
  • Finalize plans
  • Contract Signed
  • Send documents to lender for appraisal
  • Submit for Permits & Engineering
  • Soil Samples Taken
  • Slab and Truss Engineering Drafting
  • Order any materials with lengthy lead times (windows/doors/etc)


  • Internal review of construction schedule.
  • Preconstruction meetings with construction partners.
  • Verify costs and lead times on phases of construction.
  • Homeowner selections signed off and ordered.


  • Walk Building Envelope and Discuss Lot Clear
  • Pre-Construction Meeting with Homeowner
  • Pre-Pour Foundation Inspection (licensed 3rd party)
  • Pre-Drywall Inspection (licensed 3rd party)
  • Punch-list created and signed off.
  • Homeowner Sign Off – House into Warranty Period
  • New Home MEP’s School (Mechanicals, Electrical, Plumbing)
  • Closing at Title Company and Keys Handed Over


  • 1-year Workmanship, 2-year Mechanicals, and 6-year Structural Warranty
  • New Homeowner’s Maintenance Packet Delivered