Naturally, this is always one of the first questions prospective homeowners want to know when beginning their research on costs to build a new custom home.  Which is why it sits atop our list. The simple answer is that it depends on a lot of variables.  Before we can accurately answer that question we need to know more about you, your life style, your wants and needs in your home and the scope of your project. It’s kind of like asking how much a custom car cost.

There are many factors (lot conditions, whether you want a one-story or two-story floor plan, the level of finish, your need for well and septic or city water/sewer utilities) that will affect the final cost of a house, it’s virtually impossible for any custom home builder to give you a price for your home until those details are discussed. We don’t give you builder-grade options for a blanket price. We’ve had requests for $8500 bidets and a fully custom $25,000 vanity. Installation costs for $1/sf subway tile is the same as installing $30/sf designer subway tile of the same size. Your home, your money, your preferences. We are here to be a good steward of your home and your resources.

​After we meet with you, evaluate the site conditions on your lot, and find out more about your specific needs, we can provide you with a cost feasibility estimate.

Do you have stock floor plans from which to choose ?

We are a design build company.  Our commitment to you includes a design service including working drawings with a floorplan, electrical plan, plumbing plan, roofing plan, framing plan, cabinet/door/window schedules, and 3D elevations of the interior and exterior, and professionally engineered foundation plans.

We can show you previous floor plans we have designed but ultimately we will design a plan specifically for you.

​As a team, we have been designing homes for over 30 years and can furnish you with 2D or 3D drawings.  We know visualization is a challenge to some and we can send you a link for a 3D walk-through of your home or you can use our VR goggles to walk-through the house while in our office and inspect the details. We have spent many years developing our design process and will produce a unique custom design specifically for you. Often times our customers are amazed at how much fun and how personal our process is.

Can you supply a list of references that we can contact?

Yes. We encourage all our prospective customers to contact others we have built for. After 20+ years in the Bastrop area, we have a long list of clients we can put you in touch with. We can think of no better way to investigate our company than with other owners who have experienced it. We build relationships and cherish the people and homes that we built.

In what areas do you build? 

Our main counties are Bastrop, Caldwell, Lee, Williamson, Fayette, and Gonzales. However, our team has built down on the coast, in Austin, and in many other states, so we are not opposed to projects outside of our main areas of focus. Each client and project are unique.

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How long does it take to build?

The actual construction time of your home will vary depending on the scope of your particular project.  Most of our homes are completed in 9 to 12 months. We have very solid and long standing relationships with our supply and vendor partners which helps keep the schedule moving.  We have high expectations for work quality from our trades.  As a team, we will work closely to make sure all your selections are made in a timely manner so that we can stay on track to have your home completed in the time promised.

How do you handle the Decorating Process?

Coordination of all the finished materials, colors, textures and space coordination takes careful and thoughtful planning. We want to make sure every step is done at the correct time to ensure the project meets your schedule and you have access to all the latest decorating materials.  As a full service design build company, we can provide a designer who knows our company and procedures to work with you as your personal decorating and selections coordinator.   If you are already working with your own personal decorator or plan to hire one, we will all work together to make sure your home is a visual masterpiece. What we have learned over time is that most outside decorators, designers, or architects rarely factor in homeowner’s budgets.

What is your warranty process?

Property Code 430 of the GREAT State of Texas:

Summary of the new law as it pertains to builders of new homes:

The existing 10-year statute of repose for builders of new homes (the ultimate cut-off date for filing suit) has been shortened to 6 years if the builder provides a 1-2-6 written warranty (1-year workmanship and materials; 2-year plumbing, electrical and HVAC; 6-year structural).

Extended time to bring suit if written claim presented during the period of repose:

If a written claim for damages, contribution, or indemnity is presented to the builder during the applicable limitations period and the 6-year statute of repose applies, the time to sue is extended one year from the date the claim is presented. In practical effect, this means that if a written claim is presented and the statute of repose expires before suit is filed, suit may still be filed provided it is within one year of the date the written claim was made.

When the new law goes into effect:

The new law is effective as of June 9, 2023 and applies to suits commenced on or after that date. However, if the contract under which the claim is brought was entered into before June 9, 2023, the former 10-year version of the statute of repose applies. In other words, the statute applies to contracts entered into on or after June 9, 2023, if the contract has at least a 1-2-6 warranty.

The details:

Under the Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 16.009, persons who construct or repair improvements to real property cannot be sued for defective or unsafe conditions of the property or deficiencies in the construction or repair of the improvement later than 10 years after substantial completion of the improvement, except in certain narrow circumstances. This statute is known as the “statute of repose.” The statute applies not only to suits for construction defects, but also personal injury, wrongful death, contribution, and indemnity.

The statute of repose was amended to, among other things, shorten the time period from 10 years to 6 years for claims against certain contractors who issue a written warranty with the following minimum terms:

  • 1-year warranty for workmanship and materials;
  • 2-year warranty for plumbing, electrical, heating, and air-conditioning delivery systems; and
  • 6-year warranty for major structural components.

The new 6-year statute of repose applies to a “Residence,” which is defined as the real property and improvements for (1) a detached one-family or two-family dwelling, (2) a townhouse not to exceed three stories above grade plane in height with a separate means of egress, or (3) an accessory structure not more than three stories above grade plane in height. Note that condominiums do not fall within the statute’s definition of “Residence.”

The statute incorporates the Residential Construction Liability Act’s definition of “Contractors” (Texas Property Code Section 27.001) to whom the statute of repose applies. This definition has been partially amended, but the amendment does not take effect until September 1, 2023. Both the prior version of Section 27.001 and the new version include in the definition of a “Contractor,” a builder who contracts with an owner for the construction or repair of a new residence, as well as a builder who contracts with an owner for the repair or alteration of, or an addition to, an existing residence, or appurtenance to a new or existing residence. The pre-September 1, 2023 definition also includes any person contracting with a purchaser for the sale of a new residence constructed by or on behalf of that person; this definition is amended as of September 1, 2023 to be any person contracting for the sale or construction of a new residence constructed by or on behalf of that person.

– Legal information curtesy of Peckar & Abramson PC